Winner – Loser

.. How do we define the term ‘successful people’ ? – Money/Power/Fame/Career/Friends ? – Some say: I’m successful as far as I’m happy with/enjoying my life. – Other sayings: Lifestyle/Family/Children We all know ways to be a successful person, how does it feel to be successful, who are those winners we praised. We teach our … Continue reading

About Meego and Ubuntu mobile OS

      At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2010, Nokia and Intel announced that they would combine their Linux based operating systems in development into a new joint project: MeeGo. Back then Nokia was developing the Maemo 6 operating system which was the successor of the Maemo 5 used in 2009 … Continue reading

Composition – by Henri Cartier-Bresson

… ‘ The Photographer’s eyes are perpetually evaluating. A photographer can bring coincidence of line simply by moving his head a fraction of a millimeter. He can modify perspective by a slight bending of the knees. By placing the camera closer or farther from the subject, he draws a detail, and it can be subordinated … Continue reading

The last 2 weeks

Spend the whole last week to prepare my paperwork, update my current workstation to Mountain Lion and the 5 years old machine to Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Today I tried to fit my current workstation in the case of my old machine for packaging. But it only fits the main parts and 2 HDD. I have … Continue reading

At my friend's house

Last week report

. . A short trip. I’ve decided to take a break. Spending a few precious moments with friends to gain balance in my life. A new job. Just a small and tiny company. Paying is not good as I expected. It’s kind of a part time job, doing very basic stuff . There’s not much … Continue reading

Do you give your clients source files?

Jamil – a freelance 3D Visualizer based in the UAE, has asked and started a discussion at Global C4D Users about giving or not giving source files to client after finished the project. He has done a freelance 3D Visualization project and his client asked him to deliver the source files which contain some of … Continue reading

Mors Principium Est

One of my favorite Melodic Death Metal band since high school. They’ve been playing good metal songs up until now. Almost 12 years is such a long journey. Extraordinary rhythm guitar, awesome double bass drumming and speed crazed guitar solos. For my opinion, MPE and Insomnium is quite similar in these common senses, but different … Continue reading

Animate a blooming flower in Cinema 4D

  Modeling and rigging in Cinema 4D. Playing with modeling and texturing organic shapes is really fun. I’ve waited 2 days just to finish rendering 6 seconds of the entire shot. I’ve optimized my own Vray settings really neat in term of speed/quality/performance but still 7-20 minutes/frame in 1080p. Ridiculous slow with DOF on. I should … Continue reading

Version Line-up of Cinema 4D R14

About R14

Last week I had a couple of days to chat and read about C4D R14. Everyone talks about it. Really fascinating and interesting. So I’ve decided to come up with this post for sharing my opinions. Trying to keep it short. : ) I have passion for animation, music and technical things. And design is … Continue reading

Good times. Bad times.

I’ve talked to a girl today. Pretty interesting that we have something in common that I’ve never expected. Reminds me a lot of things. Things that I’ll never tell anyone. Anyway, let’s see if we can go any further. But I don’t really count on this too much.. In the last couple of days, I’ve … Continue reading

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